Steps To Move Easily

You’ve found a perfect new place, signed the deal, got the keys and now you simply have to move in. However, that can be a great hassle if not done right. If you do, then it is simply a cakewalk. The key to a stress free move is having a plan scheduled way ahead so that you could stick to it and go accordingly. So here are some easy steps to help you have a hassle free move.

  • Get rid of the unwanted
    If you’ve been postponing cleaning the clutter around the house, well here is a good reason to start now. It’s time to throw away the unwanted and sell off some to gain some extra bucks. Think about the new place and assess if your furniture and other stuff would fit. Whatever you don’t need; put them up on online shopping sites or hold a yard sale. You could also hold a moving party and leave all unwanted stuff in the corner of the room. You’d be surprised how quickly people grab them. If you can, donate your books and usable clothes to a charity.
    • Pack for the move
      Get as many as packing boxes you can. Your local grocery store might give them away for free or at a very low price. A few garbage bags would also do. Label your boxes carefully on top and on the sides and have a note on what items are in what. It would be easier when loading and unpacking. For example, the ‘fragile’ box will be loaded with care into the truck. Leave a separate box for essential items that will be packed on da morning or night before you move. Pack stuff that go in the same room in particular boxes so that when you unpack, you can finish each room and move to the next.
      • Select method of move
        You could either do it by yourself hire a professional mover. If you choose to move by yourself, hire a truck or van in advance to avoid disappointments. Pick it up on the day of the move, load your stuff with a little help from a friend, drive to your place, unload and return the truck. If you choose to hire a moving agency, compare prices and select the best option. Get all terms and conditions clear. Inform the date, time and venue of move. They would know exactly how to pack the cardboard boxes Melbourne. For ease, keep the payment ready to pay him at the end of the trip.
        • Enjoy your new home
          Unload all your stuff, organize everything you have and analyze whatever you don’t have. You could walk around the neighbourhood, get to know some people and also do some shopping and buy essentials.