Comparison Between Hair Tattooing And Hair Transplant

People are quite particular about their hair. They do not even care about their skin as much as they care about their hair. However, the complaints of hair loss, hair fall and hair thing are growing day by day. Both; men and women are equally worried about this hair loss. There are many reasons of hair loss or hair fall. Protein deficiency can be counted as the main cause of hair loss. Besides that, hormonal changes can also cause hair loss especially in women during the pregnancy period or during his menstruation cycle. In men, the hair loss or hair thinning can be caused due to the anxiety or extreme stress. Whatever the reasons might be but one thing is for sure which is that lot of people are experiencing hair loss and it must be treated. There are various permanent and temporary ways of treating hair loss. Permanent ways obviously involve the surgical methods whole temporary ways involve the cosmetic methods. Hair tattooing and hair transplant are two such methods of treating hair loss. In this article, we will be discussing about the comparison between hair tattoo in Melbourne and hair transplant.

Hair tattooing:

Hair tattooing is the procedure of tattooing the ink on the scalp of a person that it looks like the natural hair follicles of human beings. The ink colour or pigment that is utilized in this process is exact same as that of person’s natural hair. It is the method in which the micro sized needles are utilized to leave the pigment or marks as that of hair follicles; needles are not inserted in the scalp. Hair tattooing is used to fill the hair receding line or to thicken the thin hair areas. Hair tattooing can also be known as scalp ink method or micro pigmentation. It remains there for almost five to six years and after that you can retouch it, when the colour starts to fade away.

Hair transplant:

Hair transplant is the process of transplanting new hair on the scalp of the person in such a way that deep invasion of needles take place. It is a complete surgical method and is permanent as well. After the surgery of hair transplant is carried about successfully, the person is advised not to move his head quite often to avoid any kind of complicacies. This process is carried out on such areas of the scalp where there is no or minimum quantity of hair left.


There are some great differences between the two methods of hair tattooing and hair transplant. Hair tattooing is the non-surgical process whereas hair transplant is the surgical one. In addition to that, hair tattooing lasts for about five to six years but hair transplant remains there forever. Hair tattooing is the process of using the ink to tattoo the upper most layers of the head that it looks like the natural hair follicles. “” provides their reliable and perfect services of hair tattooing. Check this link to find out more details.

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