Ensuring An Environmentally-Friendly Mindset Amongst Your Employees

For companies and business, private and public alike, employee satisfaction must be balanced with what the overall best possible decisions and options are, for the company. Seemingly a tough challenge, employers have been using several incentives and benefits over the years to ensure that their employee satisfaction levels persist in a positive manner, as well as making sure the company remains profitable and retains its number of employees.

However, businesses and their contribution to the serious concern of global warming has led companies to make some difficult and rigid changes in terms of ensuring sustainability. This, if not executed in a way that also ensures the contentedness of the employees, will inevitably lead the company in a downward spiral.

Consequently, it is possible to ensure the positive incorporating of eco-friendly paper bags with handles at Gispac Pty Ltd standards into the work environment, while not depriving workers of any employee benefits and comforts.

Clear-cut recycling rules

A firm, precise set of rules regarding recycling will make certain that no confusion takes place, and that employees will accept the new rules, overtime, as a general part of their work environment. To guarantee such acceptance it is crucial to introduce such regulations in a positive light, displaying its benefits to the employees themselves, as well as the company. When it is seen that these rules will be advantageous to their own safety and satisfaction within the company, employees will be keener on following them.

Banning of plastic packaging

Banning packaging made of materials that are not considered bio-degradable, for times such as food that employees bring to the office, will force the company’s employees to switch to far more environmentally mindful options, such as recycled paper coffee cups. The company can offer incentives, such as purchasing biodegradable retail bags for packing of food, and allowing employees to use these items for their personal packaging, would be a good start.

Once the trend catches on with the employees, the company can then encourage the employees to purchase and use their own paper packaging products. This would prove to be successful by the company bringing to the attention of the employees the cost reduction that can be achieved by switching from plastic to paper packaging.

Interactive workshops

The aforementioned concepts and ideas may be introduced to the employees through periodical interactive workshops conducted by the company, on environmentally-friendly practices. By bringing the attention of the employees to the issue at hand regularly, the company can go beyond ensuring sustainable environmental practices in the workplace alone, to such practices in the employees’ own homes, by allowing the employees to incorporate these habits into their lives.